REALM members awarded graduate fellowships

June 4, 2021

The end of the academic year brings exciting news for REALM students Charles Dawson, Zengyi Qin, and Kathleen Xu, who have recently been awarded fellowships for their graduate study at MIT.

Charles Dawson - NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Charles has been awarded a 3-year fellowship from the National Science Foundation to pursue graduate research in reliable autonomy. He plans to use this fellowship to design methods for building safe high-performance control systems, with a special focus on bringing together the theories of learning and controls to design reliable controllers.

Zengyi Qin - MathWorks Graduate Fellowship

Zengyi has been awarded a one-year fellowship from MathWorks to work on building safe and intelligent autonomous systems by learning certified control.

Kathleen Xu - Yao T. Li (1938) Fellowship

The Yao T. Li Fellowship supports graduate students in MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Kathleen will be starting her graduate career with the REALM lab in the fall of 2021, with support from this fellowship through 2024, initially working on failure control using barrier functions.